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"Pitchwife came over to Linden and Covenant. “You have slept well, my friends,” he said, chuckling as if he were inured to the expectancy which filled the air. “Stone and Sea! this vitrim is a hale beverage. A touch of its savor commingled with our diamondraught would gladden even the dullest palate. Life be praised, I have at last found the role which will make my name forever sung among the Giants. Behold!” With a flourish, he indicated his belt, which was behung on all sides with leather vitrim-skins.” “It will be my dear task to bear this roborant to my people, that they my profit from its potency in the blending of a new liquor. And that unsurpassable draught will be named pitchbrew for all the Earth to adore."

The White Gold Wielder

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Stephen R. Donaldson

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It’s coming.

It’s coming.


Galaxy Quest

It’s breathtaking.

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